Pakistan Petroleum Limited

Among many others leading petroleum companies Pakistan petroleum limited also made his mark on 5th June 1950, Pakistan petroleum was evolved from Burmah Oil Company limited. From a very long time this company is continuously delivering the petroleum products to all the over Pakistan and other countries also. They have continued to deliver some of the best products from a very long time and instead of some strict production rules of Pakistan this company has never stooped his good work. Pakistan petroleum limited not only delivers the finest petroleum products but also helping its native country Pakistan by employing some of the intelligent petroleum engineers from the country.

The company besides from the production of petroleum products it is also having a barite mine which provides excessive amount of barite, the mine is located in the Baluchistan province in Pakistan. The mine provides oil drilling barite which helps in extraction of oil resource. The approximate value of mined barite is 1.25 million tones. The production of gas and oil from the operated and non operated fields are nearly about 953 MMcfd of gas, 26 tones of LPG and 1372 bpd of NGL/ oil. The production from this company satisfies about 25.1% of the total oil required by the country. The total LPG, gas and NGL production from Pakistan petroleum was nearly about 171,205 barrels of raw oil in the year 2004-2005 and this was the year which gave them even more publicity and fame.

The company is doing a pretty good job regarding the employment as it has already employed more than 2250 staffs as by the workers record of the company. The company is having a total of more than 450 educated and well trained engineers who can easily operate through computers. Pakistan petroleum is having a well trained team of researchers and in the computer section there every system is connected via local area network (LAN). Wide area network connections are also installed in different cities of Pakistan as one is in Lahore and the other in Islamabad. There is constant progress in the technology used by Pakistan petroleum. In 2004 they also installed and started providing the SAP training to their employees.

Countries like Pakistan which is having a strict rule over the production and establishing a bigger company is very difficult. To continue the excellent run and the excellent production work through these years is very remarkable and it can be considered as an achievement.

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Research Paper Writing Pakistan said:

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) was a front-line player in the energy sector since the mid-1950s as the main natural gas supplier; PPL is currently representing more than 20 percent of the total volume of gas supply in the country, with the exception of oil, natural gas liquids and liquefied petroleum gas.

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