Petroleum Companies In India

Kerosene, gasoline, and fuel oil are among the main products made from petroleum occurring naturally beneath the earth's surface in the form of crude oil. The Middle East is known to contain the largest known reserves being in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, while Iran, Nigeria, Russia, the United States, Mexico, Great Britain, Norway, China, and Venezuela are others among the leading petroleum producing countries.

In March 1867, in India's north east dense jungles of Assam, oil was discovered in the well drilled near Makum known to be the first in Asia in mechanical drilling. However the first commercial crude oil discovery was made in 1889 at Digboi in the extreme corner of north-eastern India in the Brahmaputra valley. Since then India has not looked back.

Assam Oil Company Ltd. (AOC) In 1889 Assam Railway & Trading Company was formed to drill for oil, when oil was discovered in Digboi and Assam Oil Company was created later on to continue exploration work in Assam and adjoining areas being one of the earliest enterprises in the world to engage in oil exploration and its production. It now forms a part of the Indian Oil Corporation.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited was awarded the 'SAP Star Implementation Award' being the first Public Sector Oil Company to implement Enterprise wide Resource Planning (ERP) solutions - SAP.

Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore Ltd. is India's largest offshore drilling services provider mainly for ONGC and other oil companies. It is now ventured into international waters as one of its five rigs is doing work for an Iranian oil company.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd is state-owned and is India's largest exploration and Production Company. It is also the country's largest multinational corporation with the government of India owning 74% of ONGC.

Established in 1909 in Rangoon, IBP now forms part of the prestigious Indian Oil Corporation Group with its merger on 02-05-2007 ended the 98 year old 'IBP Co Limited' a history of the oldest oil company in India.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited was incorporated in 1964. Being the 19th world's largest petroleum Company, this was formed by a merger of Indian Refineries Ltd. (Estd. 1958) and Indian Oil Company Ltd. (Estd. 1959) it is also adjudged No.1 among the national oil companies in the Asia-Pacific region in petroleum trading.

Shell in India is the leading and most diversified global investor in India's energy sector with nearly US$1 billion already invested. Shell in India range of businesses is diverse which contributes to both the economy and society.

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