Petroleum Company Nigeria

Nigeria has long been perceived as a financial road of major risks. Many foreign investors as well as Nigerians have protected themselves from investing into the petroleum company Nigeria market as well as the economy itself based on the fear of losing their funds as a result of the government's continual problems with coups, sanctions, political black listings and hunts and other detrimental issues.

The African petroleum company, a company within the gas industry of Nigeria's economical state, was one that was greatly invested in by investors. This company had a very good history prior to its recent problems and has just recently fallen victim to political mayhem.

Their CEO has been reported to be a front man for the vice president who was not in a good camp with the president, yet investors could not stop investing into the industry because of its impact on the profitable oil and gas market within Nigeria's economy as well as the benefits derived from being in that market.

Political game playing continued to mount after the company was accused of not paying off debts owed to the Nigerian National Oil Corporation. As a result of this practice, most of the shares were turned over to the state and the CEO along with his goons were thrown out of the company.

Investors were very upset by this, but the company's share prices were placed under strict regulation which prevented a panic of selling shares at a higher or lower price on the market.

When this technicality was taken off, the prices continued to climb higher and higher. People who had made investments in the national petroleum corporation Nigeria market nervously watched as prices continued to go elevate.

Tempers began to rise politically when a business man who was known to be one the pets of the president of the company waged a bid on for the majority shares of the company against another business man who had the reputation of having a very long and good standing relationship with the company.

Issues within this economical problem continued all the way to court, and as a result of the winning of the case for investors, they were awarded in double and even triple amounts of share values.

If an investor invested six million into the company, six months down the road he was awarded thirty million in shares.

After this crisis came to a close, the petroleum corporation Nigeria market became stabilized and is presently about to expand in its costs for operations by issuing to the public N250 a share. This stock is highly suggested as a must purchase for any profit searching investor.

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