Petroleum Crude Oil

Petroleum cruse oil exist in a mixture of hydrocarbons, gas, water and many other compounds, Crude petroleum is normally extracted for varying purposes, fuel is the most and widely intent of crude oil.

The crude oil is extracted from the earth surfaces, the oil exploration companies drill oil wells that go thousands of feet into the earth's crust, an oil well platform is the same more or less the same as a rig platform the main difference however is the surrounding the structure is built on. For example an oil rig will be found in seas, whereas an oil well is found in the dry land, mostly desserts.

The crude oil has varying quality and grades, this is termed as the gravity scale and the main ranging scale are addressed in the degrees, most crude oil gravity scale will fall between ten degrees and sixty degrees, the color scheme also varies, these components are mainly dependent on varies reasons one of the being the depth from where the oil was extracted, the pressures with which the oil has been subjected to, the pressures also play a vary big role because varying pressures will have an effect in varying natural gases present on the crude. The more the crude may exert in much pressure the more its likely to have more natural gas, the oil underground is more fluid than it may appear on the surface these because, of temperature variations, the earth crust is notated of having elevated temperatures, its normal for the temperature to raise after every depth of certain degrees downward. So that's what affects the viscosity.

There many companies that are involved with the extraction of these crude oil ,most of these companies are in the US and the UK, recently countries like China have come up and are noted to be taking vast interests in exploration of crude oil, this country's presence has been noted in many African countries.

The byproducts of crude are many; they are used differently as produced. However, the main purpose as earlier mention is fuel, fuel is the driving vehicle behind many economies, it used for the purpose not limited to turning machines and other equipments at factories, electricity companies also use fuel for generation of electricity. Not to forget everyone in possession of a car will at one time of the other refill it to enjoy mobility as he carries he day to day activities.

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