Petroleum Engineering Books

Just like in any other subjects, petroleum engineering has several areas of specialization and therefore the books in petroleum engineering are equally broad so as to cover these areas adequately. Topics in petroleum engineering may include chemical engineering, petroleum production systems, petroleum reservoir engineering, surface and geological mapping, biochemical engineering among others.

When studying petroleum engineering, the subjects are quite variable depending on your target. Books are however available to cover different categories ranging from new students into the faculty up to the petroleum engineers who are already in practice. Let us have a look at some of the stages in petroleum engineering and try to look for relevant books for such students or engineers.

For students just getting into the fold, there are books that deal with the introductory aspects into the petroleum engineering study. The Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering by David Himmelblau and James Riggs is an introductory course booking chemical engineering suitable for students who are just beginning their course in chemical engineering.

Anther book, "Petroleum Production Systems" is a suitable text book for colleges and advanced undergraduates and petroleum engineers who are already practicing. This book has been written by experienced engineers Michael Economides, Daniel Hill and Christine Ehliq-Economides. It gives an in-depth analysis of petroleum engineering aspects from these experienced and well exposed petroleum engineers.

For practicing engineers who may need an occasional glance into the problem solving techniques involved in different petroleum engineering problems, the book to go for would be the 2nd edition " Problem Solving in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with Polymath, Excel and Matlab" by Michael Cutlip and Mordechai Shacham. It provides an extensive problem solving approach to various petroleum engineering difficulties as may be experienced by practicing engineers in the course of their work.

The main focus in petroleum engineering is always in the prospecting and searching for oil reserves. This area happens to be very vital since all other sectors of engineering depend on this. Daniel Tearpock and Richard Bischke have come up with a book that covers almost all the practical detail to detail guidelines towards the subsurface interpretation and mapping as is done in the process of oil and gas deposits search. The book is fully updated to include some of the latest findings in regards to mapping and cross section tactics that are frequently used in modern times. The book is titled "Applied Subsurface Geological Mapping with Structural Methods". With all these books and many more, the most burning questions for any interested party would be the cost. The costs of these books are variable ranging from about $30 to $100 depending on the book's substance among other logistics.

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