Petroleum Engineering Careers

There is a huge demand of petroleum engineers and thousands of jobs are available of the engineers. These jobs include discovery of every natural resource and their examination and then manufacturing modern machineries which can be used for the extraction and processing of natural resources, these all work comes under the supervision of petroleum engineer. Petroleum engineers are involved around the world for the purpose of jobs related to oil and gas reservoirs. After the discovery of these natural oils engineers have to work with geologists to determine the geologic reasons behind the formation of the reservoir and the characteristics of the rock in which these reservoirs are found. Engineers are also supposed to supervise the drilling methods and the drilling activities. Engineers also work on development on different kinds of tools so that they get a better efficiency. Computers play a major role in this job as engineers use computers to calculate and evaluate the next big possibility of inventing another oil reservoir.

Engineers use advance and latest technology for the recovery of oil reservoirs; engineers implement their own method for the extraction of different oil reservoirs. These methods are injection of chemicals, water, steam or gas into the oil reservoir so that a pressure is built inside the reservoir and due to this pressure the oil can be extracted by force. Petroleum engineers are researching a lot on making the extraction more economical and efficient. Even today extraction of these oil reservoirs is very costly and petroleum engineers are trying their best to increase the output of extraction. Some of the latest technologies are also not so efficient.

Employment opportunities for petroleum engineers

In 2002, more than 14000 jobs were provided around the world to petroleum engineers and they were engaged in gas and oil extraction, technical, professional and scientific services and refining of petroleum products. Some of the major companies which are working on oil and gas research also employ petroleum engineers on a large scale and small companies also require a lot of petroleum engineers.

Mostly the American petroleum engineers are posted in locations like Alaska, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and California and certain other sites. Companies from other countries hire a lot of American petroleum engineers and post them outside America.

It is expected that there will be a decrease in demand of petroleum engineers as most of the sites for oil extraction are already explored but still there will be enough jobs available as there are still very few petroleum engineers are available.

Demand for US trained petroleum engineers are increasing day by day in other countries as there is still a lot of exploration left.

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Demand for US trained petroleum engineers are increasing day by day in other countries as there is still a lot of exploration left.

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