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Petroleum Engineering is the branch of engineering dealing with the exploitation and exploration of oil and gas resources. It also deals with the technical analysis and forecasting of the future performance of the oil and gas resources. This branch of engineering is closely related to both geology, which is the study of the earth; and soil, and also with the engineering of mining.

The origin of the Petroleum engineering can be traced back to the nineteenth century in the year 1890 in California. That was the time when geologists were employed in order to take measures in preventing the water from getting mixed up with the oil in the oil wells. This also necessitated the requirement of a technological aspect and application of technical expertise to the petroleum field.

The American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers with the acronym AIME established a technical committee in 1914. In 1957 the name was altered to American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers.

There are mainly The Petroleum Engineering department has gradually developed over time and this gradual development may be termed as the evolution of Petroleum Engineering. The areas which were eventually developed were four in number, Production engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Petro physical Engineering and Drilling engineering.

Oil and gas are well thought-out amongst the universal significant resources. Where the major part of the global economy relies on, petroleum has copious products, in totting up to serve chief fuel source of the planet. The procedures and systems drawn in producing and distributing oil and gas are highly multifaceted, investment and require a refined technology. This issue provides a widespread impression and lead to assets on this immeasurable and chief industry and takes a global observation of the trade and is intentional to dole-out a line of investigation assist for the invention of motivating and useful sources around the world.

Petroleum Engineering holds its stead among the 24th best paid professions according to the Forbes magazine.

The Petroleum products are traded and sold and bought all over the planet, so there is a policy in place to standardize the price of crude oil. The original price of crude oil per barrel is fixed and is constant or same for all the countries

The petroleum or the oil and gas industry plays an important role in global economic development, providing all the energy for transportation such as cars, trucks, airplanes, etc. It also provides energy inputs such as heating to domestic and industrial buildings as well as lubrication for engines and machines.

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