Petroleum Engineering Pay

Just like other sectors of the economy, petroleum and energy sectors have their own pay scale for personnel the pay is of course commensurate to the type of job that an individual does. It is always automatic that the pay an individual earns in any sector is largely dependent on the value the individual adds to the company. It is not any different in the petroleum sector, no wonder the pay usually increases as the employee gets more experience or as they get better education in line with the job descriptions in their relevant areas of specialization.

Just to get the rough estimate of some of the top ranking personnel in the petroleum sector, we can have a simple overview of the pay rates for Ph.D. holders in the petroleum engineering sector. A PhD. Holder at the entry level is likely to get an average of $115,000 per year. The pay may vary slightly depending on the institution. It is also automatic that the pay will experience an upward growth as the particular employee gains more hands on experience n the job. According to the existing statistics, it is evident that the same employee in our scenario can earn up to $150,000 per year if he steadily improves on his experience over a period of about twenty.

The above scale is applicable in the core petroleum engineering section. There are however other jobs in this sector as well which may not necessarily be in the central petroleum employment program. These jobs may include other complementary careers that make the petroleum production and distribution possible. These careers would include chemical engineers, IT engineers and other administrative careers such as the sales and office administrators. All these will have different scales of pay. It is however important to note that even the core petroleum engineering jobs pay will vary depending on other circumstances as well.

Take for example the aspect of same qualified engineers working for the same organizations but in different locations may earn differently. This is to say that the pay may be further influenced by the location of employment; the experience of the engineer in terms of working years also will distinguish the pay rates of different employees.

Factors that determine the pay of petroleum engineer

Other companies may also vary the pay scales of their employees depending on the companies' production or sales. On average most companies actually have good pay scale since petroleum as a sector has good returns and a large market to exploit. Petroleum and its products play a major role in our daily lives since we frequently use liquid petroleum gases to fuel our cookers , gasoline for our cars and other by products as well are used in different industrial activities.

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buckyballs said:

I have heard that the pay in oil sector is high and I do have a relative who actually works in this sector. More the experience and degree, more the pay, which is the common fashion that is seen in this field.

papa johns coupons said:

Their wage is pretty good according to the rest of wages around the world for the same type/kind of job.

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buy a research paper said:

A lot of student Enrolled in Petroleum Engineering which is good profession. The course of study is not easy for the student and very few students pass out that fied. Therefore, pay of that Engineering is more than other Engineering programms.

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