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This is an overview of the job description of Petroleum Engineer:

Detection of natural sources, assessment of usual distinctiveness, and development of current machinery for taking away and dealing out--all fall under the capacity of petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineers are occupied in the sphere world for oil and natural gas reservoirs. After they determine there reservoirs, they collaborate in working with geologists and other specialists for the function of investigating the geologic structure and the character of the rock containing the reservoir, assesses the drilling functions that are to be used, and supervising the drilling and manufacturing actions.

They furthermore labor on crafting tools and operation measures in order to increase effectiveness in the restoration of oil and gas. Computers are used lengthily by petroleum engineers in order to calculate the best possible method of recuperation of petroleum from diverse reservoirs. Models and designs of drilling and other tools are also replicated on computers.

Sophisticated recovery processes are constructed by these engineers but below natural circumstances only a very minute amount of oil and natural gas would stream out of a reservoir.

Such methods include the injection of water, chemicals, gases, or steam into an oil reservoir as to remove the oil out by strength.


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* Excellent instructive background in geological engineering.

* Proficiency in research of the statistical assessments and effectual data arrangement.

* Well versed in the knowledge of geological formations and its surroundings.


1990-Present Sinn Petroleum Company, Houston, TX

Petroleum Engineer was a team player of the prize winning team for high-quality designs. A very high aptitude in the development and design of newly introduced advanced methods and procedures for highest recuperation of oil and fuel.

1993-1997 Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, The Woodlands, TX

Petroleum Consultant To encompass the understanding of the rocks, its geologic configuration and elements having reservoir of natural gas and oil via consulting through the geologist and petroleum engineers.


Texas Baptist University,

Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering, Dallas, TX 1990

Houston University, Austin, TX

Bachelors Degree in Geology, 1988

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