Petroleum Land Management

Petroleum Land Management is all about management or the administrative part of the Petroleum industry. Petroleum products are drilled out of the ground or the land. So naturally, when a particular oil establishment decides on its next oil exploration project, it definitely has a specific land selected or in mind.

Now the company just has an eye on the piece of land and wants to proceed further to legally obtain permission from the government to start its oil explorative activities on that selected place.

The Land man is the expert professional who will be of use to the company in providing all the necessary information about the procedures. The process is initiated with a meeting with the Land man and he is shown the map of the proposed area. The land has to be claimed for lease, but for that it is imperative to know about the history and the current ownership of the land.

As this is a highly competitive field, where any information leaked out can spoil the whole show. The required and relevant information has to be cautiously and cleverly raked out.

The owner of the mineral rights of the land has to be found out and also it is needed to know whether the rights have been leased out to any other company. This information can be initially obtained from the appraisal district.

Information about the owner of the place and about the person paying the surface taxes can be obtained from here. It happens most of the times that the surface tax payer also has a part in the ownership of the minerals. This important information about the present surface owner definitely proves very useful in the subsequent procedures.

Now the courthouse can provide a load of valuable information and records. The reverse records would be more useful in finding out the records related to the current owner. The instrument which connects the subject tract to the present owner is the most valuable. If it describes the mineral passage out of the tract and the data for the passage to the Grantor, then such an instrument could be considered as the best tool to find out if the present Grantor is also a Lessor.

10 years of history can be more than enough to confirm the current lease. All the transactions performed are found in the abstract plant. The main part is finding the Lessor and as soon as this is done they can be contacted directly to enquire about any unrecorded lease which may be available and also about their consent to lease it out for oil exploration to the oil company who has shown interest in it.

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