Petroleum Land Management Degree

The Michael F. Price College of Business of the University of Oklahoma in Energy Management offers a degree by a program of study since 1999. It was previously known as the Petroleum Land Management program which was in existence since 1958.

Being business-specific, it offers a broad curriculum that focuses on multiple facets of the energy industry. Students are required to take courses from the Colleges of Business, Earth & Energy, Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, and Law if they are to pursue a degree in Energy Management.

The scope for most qualified students who have pursued a degree in Energy Management to enter the petroleum industry as Landsmen. They work with energy companies in securing leases for drilling and mineral rights. They also face the task of contracting with property owners and energy brokers on behalf of the company also to work alongside fellow Landsmen from other companies in securing joint ventures in drilling.

The Energy Management program at the University of Oklahoma is currently, one of the most competitive and sought-after degrees amongst business students.

The OU program continues as one of the top Energy Management programs offered in the United States. Similar AAPL-approved degrees with focus on energy business education are offered by Texas Tech University, The University of Tulsa, University of Calgary, Western State College of Colorado and University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Texas Tech has a program called Energy Commerce Tech requires you to maintain a 3.3 GPA while OU only require a 2.5

There are many opportunities for candidates with a bachelor's or master's degree in Land, Energy Management, or Petroleum Land Management. You will be able to take on the world's toughest energy challenges. Many energy companies offer challenging careers in the areas of land and property title analysis, with exposure to diverse and challenging assignments that relates to a variety of issues with possible starting assignments that include Land Representative and Property Title Analyst.

In the Land Skill Area, the candidate will have the opportunity to negotiate and draft many different types of contracts, settle claims, and steward and resolve a variety of land issues. You will maintain current understanding of laws and regulations affecting mineral rights and property ownership in all jurisdictions where the company operates. You will also work with the world's finest geoscientists, reservoir engineers and accountants.

Your career path will be in a challenging work environment where you will be interacting with skilled professionals on a daily basis. As you handle assignments with increasing levels of responsibility and technical depth you will be learning from the best and have the opportunity to achieve your professional goals in both technical and managerial areas through a multitude of job assignments, mentoring and world class training over your career.

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