Petroleum Landman Jobs

The land man is the person or company in charge of the ground work at a petroleum mining company. The work of the land man should include the research and establishment of the ownership of parcels of lands where that the company may be interested in investing. A land man should take charge of the aspect of land acquisition and selling in any situation. If we were to look at the role of a land man

In respect to petroleum mining we may be well advised to look for a land man who also carries a real-estate license if he is to help you as a company in transacting any land deals that should serve your company without the higher chances of uncalled for disputes.

When putting up an oil prospecting project, large tracts of land may be required as the machinery always occupy much space and in the likely event that you strike the precious commodity, you may be forced to construct more structures to take care of other logistic challenges. Getting to convince several people to sell out their parcels of land may not be an easy job unless you get the right land man to carry out the duty. it is usually easy to handle the land matter with the assistance of a local based land man who may be more informed about the people on the ground and is capable of getting the leading personalities within the intended areas and to subsequently convince them to sellout and at reasonable rates considering that they are not initiating the sell. The very fact that you are the one trying to convince some one to sell a commodity which he is least interested in selling makes the job even more difficult.

The important thing to do as a land man when dealing with people buying land with the intention of prospecting for oil is to get some important tips on the way to find out if a parcel of land may have potential oil fields. By going for a qualified petroleum engineer it might not be possible to gauge the rightful cost of such a parcel of land. Prospectors are mostly smart speculators. As much as they use landsmen; they only do that after verifying the land's potentiality. Petroleum is an expensive commodity and any body who suspects tat the commodity could be present on their land can not sell it easily. The landsman has a great advantage if he happens to incorporate the services of a petroleum engineer to assist in judging the land's oil potential.

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This is absolute gibberish. Do you speak english or just use the auto translate function? Prospecting for petroleum... what nonsense.

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