Petroleum Production Systems

Petroleum is a natural fluid which is distilled in order to product fuels. This raw material is vital for most of the industries; therefore the production systems imply special processes in order to supply all the needed fields with high quality oil volumes. The petroleum extraction depends on the chosen area as it is limited. It can be found in natural underground reservoirs and once drilled it can't be replaced for a very long time.

One of the main methods for refining the oil is to distillate it through a gradual heating in order to separate its components by boiling it, process which is called fractional distillation. Products as alcohols, detergents, synthetic rubber, glycerine, fertilizers, medicine, plastics, different paints, polyester and even explosives depend on the petroleum production.

Exploration and production are the first steps that have a great contribution in supplying the world's necessary fuels that many of us depend on. Drilling the petroleum represents the first part of the production. Before drilling, geophysical studies are needed to see whether a specific area is commercially productive in order to set up the wells. Workers, perforate the ground, using special procedures: they lower a perforator through a tube and set off the explosive to create a path through the ground which will allow the fluid to get out to the surface.

They set the surface equipment and install on top of it some valves which regulate the flow. They can be set up on low pressure wells, which need to be pumped up as well on high pressure wells. The pumps are placed at the bottom of the tubing and are generated by motors, producing oil as long as there is enough pressure to create the fluid's flow up to the surface.

When there is not enough crude oil to be extracted by using the upper mentioned method, the engineers use extra efforts by injecting water or gas into the reservoir to create extra pressure.

Another highly used method is the combustion. Workers inject high quantities of compressed air into the oil reservoir at a 500 degree temperature, in order to lift the crude oil out.

After being produced, the oil is stored for a short while into steel tankers which range between 30 metres in diameter and 10 metres in height. As natural gas is very volatile, it is stored at a higher pressure in spherical steel tanks. Being the most important natural resource, oil must be preserved if the market demand is low. There are some special ways for keeping it. Underground reservoirs are surrounded by nonporous rocks to protect any oil leaking.

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