Petroleum Products

Several petroleum products are obtained from oil refineries and some of the major petroleum products are refinery gas, LPG, ethane, lubricants, white spirit, paraffin waxes, bitumen, petroleum coke, aviation gasoline, jet fuels, motor gasoline, kerosene, heavy fuel, diesel/gas, naphtha and other different kinds of petroleum products. In general, petroleum products are those products which are obtained by processing the crude oil in refineries, most these products are used outside the refinery. Refinery fuel is mostly consumed by refineries for doing completing jobs like heating, traction, lighting etc.

Refinery gas - Refinery gas generally known as the gas which is non-condensable, refinery gas is obtained by distillation of raw or crude oil and the basic composition of this gas is methane, hydrogen, olefins and ethane. Refinery gasses are generally used for the refinery work.

LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a paraffin series fraction and also light hydrocarbons. LPG is manufactured by comparing the hydrocarbon Butane (C4H10) and Propane (C3H8) or by combining both of them. LPG is liquefied under tremendous pressure for the purpose of storage and transportation.

Aviation Gasoline - Aviation gasoline is designed for the purpose of maintaining special aviation piston engines. Their octane number is kept in such a way that they should suit the engine. With a low freezing point aviation fuel is the best maintaining oil for aviation engines.

Diesel - Diesels are formed by re distillation of crude oil, diesel is mainly used for the ignition purpose in engines (cars, bikes, heavy vehicle etc.).

Jet fuels - Jet fuels are manufactured in two forms one is gasoline jet fuel and the other is kerosene type jet fuel. These two forms are manufactured for there specific use in aviation engine.

Motor gasoline - Motor gasoline is used for land based engine ignition like cars, bikes and even aircraft. These are internal combustors and they are also used with some additives so that the output increases.

Naphtha - Naphtha is a feedback material used for the internal refinery works. They are also manufactures by distilling crude oil within a specific range of temperature.

Petroleum Coke - Petroleum coke is obtained from the residue left after the distillation of crude oil. While distilling crude oil a solid residue resides at the bottom layer of the flask. That residue is called as petroleum coke and it is used for the purpose of heating in large steel industries. The coal content in petroleum coke is more than 95%.

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