Petroleum Project Management

Petroleum Project Management is a very vast and skilled procedure. It takes not only individual skills or skills of professionals in the field but also requires the right amalgamation of latest and updated technology, fine business abilities and also huge amount of expertise.

Petroleum project Management is imperative for technical professionals to hone their skills and excel in their business dealings. Petroleum Project Management enables these Petroleum professionals to manage their projects in a very economical way. They learn to utilize the resources very efficiently and also to get the project completed with the minimum possible cost. Petroleum Project management also trains these professionals to successfully complete all the production or exploration procedures while keeping the cost factor low.

Petroleum Project Management covers all the aspects of the project management from application of the principles in an effective way to helping in the upstream oil and gas business.

Participants are given a choice to either base their study on actual case studies and here they may select from a vast number of actual exploration, facilities, the production or overall general management and handling of various situations.

Participants can otherwise opt to bring their own projects and learn to work on them and effectively manage them. This makes these Petroleum Professional management participants quite efficient and they do not need any more waiting period and can start applying whatever they have learnt in the training sessions directly on to their practical projects.

The Petroleum Management Process course covers a vast syllabus or topics. The project management process, definition of the scope, efficient planning or scheduling of the available tools, the skilful management of man power resources, correct management of the risks involved in project management, extensive study with major emphasis on constant improvement, tackling quality management of the projects, case studies, extensive practise exercises and management of the whole team involved in the project are all included here.

OGCI was the first to deliver the course on petroleum technology as early as 1963. Later on in 2001 the major industrial giants BP, SHELL and OGCI formed the Petro Skills alliance and launched a new milestone in learning in the petroleum field. After them , many other well known companies like Saudi Aramco, Occidental Petroleum, Chevron, Marathon., Swift Energy, Baker Hughes, BG group, Nexen, Conoco Philips, University of Trinidad And Tobago, TTg systems, Woodside Petroleum and many others have joined hands with an aim of chalking out a perfect definition of the petroleum industry standards.

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Subedar said:

I am in Houston, Texas and doing masters in petroleum engineering. I have no experience in petro industry. my major interest is either reservior engineering or petroleum business management. I have more than 20 years of business management experience though. What are my chances of a job in petroleum industry ? Thanks subedar

fendi outlet said:

Petroleum Project Management covers all the aspects of the project management from application of the principles in an effective way to helping in the upstream oil and gas business.

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Wow! this post is really amazing and I appreciate the work

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