Petroleum Refining Technology And Economics

When ever a new oil and natural gas field is discovered by the geologists and the petroleum engineers, they work together on extraction of oil and after completing the extraction the oil has to be refined as well. Day by day new technology is been discovered and in this extraction and refining field also scientists are constantly working on invention of new machineries so that oil refining can be much more cheaper than earlier. A huge amount of money is involved in extraction of oil and natural gasses and then refining of these oils. Bigger and advanced machines are used to refine the oil which is obtained after the extraction. But the main problem which every company suffers due to these machines are the cost factor, every single machines costs millions and once the process is started the cost keeps on rising and more over these machines are not so efficient in comparison to cost involved.

Some of the major companies who manufacture these huge machines are constantly trying to make refining much more advanced and economical also. Some of the authors who are researching a lot on this have illustrated a lot about petroleum refining and economics in their books. These books are very helpful for the petroleum engineers who are constantly working on these projects around the world. The major drawback of these oil and natural gas fields are that they possess different characteristic in different places so because of this every machines and process can't be done every where. Depending on some factors petroleum engineers decide that which machine will be used in which work.

Geologists play a major role in telling the characters of different oil and natural gas fields. Geologists are having wide range knowledge of every kind of fields in the world and their suggestions regarding these fields are very helpful and they make their decisions by making important research. The economics play a very major role in the refining of these petroleum fields as one has to think about both the factors like cost, efficiency and many other factors. Petroleum engineers also make their decisions based some mathematical calculation as it is very important to calculate before the work is being preceded. There is a huge amount of cash and labor is included in these types of work so engineers, geologists and other employees have to give their best shot while doing their job.

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