Petroleum Services Company

Petroleum Services Company was established in 1924 and incorporated in the year 1930. Initially its only focus was to supply fuels to Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Industrial Base. Since then it has grown tremendously over the years and now is a major wholesaler and retailer as well as national supplier of Paints, Rust preventives and Coatings.

Today Petroleum Services Company products are distributed all over USA. It is distributed to headquarter in Wilkes-Barre, PA as well as directly from its manufacturer. PSC takes pride on its best class on delivery service. For more than 50 Petroleum Services Company has unmatched distribution ability all over the USA.

Petroleum Services has varied and diverse operations ranging from chemicals to Application machines, fuel and MIL spec products. Paints and coating are launched for industrial purpose and includes corrosion prevention products meeting the specification of US Military which is approved by Ford, Toyota, General Motors and others. They are available in water based systems and solvent based systems. Their premium products are manufactured by Atomized Power coating, Daubert Chemical Company, Sheboygan Paint Company, Valspar, Vortex Liquid color and Z-technology. The lubricants they produce are of high quality and extensive variety which are available as Industrial lubricants, Commercial fleet lubricants and automotive lubricants. Petroleum Services Company is specializing in Industrial, Commercial, and Automotive products from ConocoPhillips, 76 Lubricants, Kendall and Coastal. Chemical and cleaners are produced from inventories from trusted manufacturer. MIL spec products are offered as many 15 varieties. They are packed in Drums, Pails and Kegs. Petroleum Services Company fuels are supplied in Northeastern Pennsylvania and other places. The consumer can request for tailored for special requirements like Home Heating Oil and Commercial fuels. Petroleum Services Company is specialized in equipments like Graco, ARO/Ingersol Rand, Clemco and Ammco. Equipments like Lubrication and fuel, painting and coating and Sound Blasting equipments.

During the global recession it stood its ground against all odd. Adaptability and quick response to fulfill the consumers are pillars of their success. Their multi-dimensional approach has helped them considerably in climbing the ladders of success. Any queries about their service can be learnt by just filling a simple form. This approach gives them the competitive advantages on others. At Petroleum Services Company they strive on bringing the highest quality and service to the consumers. One of the most tried, trusted and reliable brand of companies on which consumers' can rely on. It has earned widespread reputation for exceptional work.

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