University Of Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum technology courses were introduced for the first time in the year 1910 at the University of Pittsburgh. The courses were oil and gas law and also practices of the oil and gas industry. The first degree was awarded by this University in 1915.

About the same time, another university in America, the University of California at Berkeley also started the University of Petroleum engineering course and the first batch of students was awarded the degree in 1915. From then on the USA has seen tremendous educational growth in this sector and now courses are offered all over the world.

Today more than thousands of universities and colleges are present around the world which provides quality education to students of every branch. Petroleum engineering students are having a bright career in front of them as there is a huge demand of petroleum engineers around the world and many companies need talented and well trained engineers.

Students those who really choosing petroleum engineering as their main career then they should look for some of the main universities who are best in this field. Many colleges under different universities strictly choose students for this course as there are so many students now days who really want to go for petroleum engineering. The eligibility criteria and the procedure of admission for different colleges and universities are very different and it completely depends on the universities which offer these courses. Many colleges keep high cut off list so that only merit holder students can get in the college. Some universities allow average students also to proceed with petroleum engineering. There is a wide range of opportunities for students of petroleum engineering as petroleum related companies are always looking for some fresh and well trained talent from all countries. Countries like UK and US are the major source of petroleum engineers as every year more and more engineers are coming out from American and British universities.

All the petroleum universities are looking for bright students and they always warmly welcome students from any part of the world. If any student is not able to finance his studies then many universities are also having some special scholarship programs which include money, food, clothing, shelter and many more advantages. Students those who are very intelligent and want to learn more in the respective then universities are also having special plans for them.

May be different universities follow different rules but the main thing which makes all the universities similar is that they all are having the quality to educate students.

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