Uses Of Petroleum

The uses of petroleum are many. The definition of petroleum or crude oil is that it is an organic occurring liquid that can be found in formations of the earths rocks and consists of a mixture of elements like hydrocarbons of different lengths. The term petroleum means rock oil; an oil that comes from a rock. It is a hydrocarbon based liquid element that is evident in porous rocks found within the earth's core.

The formation of petroleum is caused by the slow modification of the organic remains that occur over long periods of time. It is a combination mixture of liquid hydrocarbon elements and differs in color, density and viscosity. After distillation this liquid formation offers a range of combustible fuels, petrochemicals, and lubricants.

Oil wells are drilled up to six miles deep into the earth's core in order to locate petroleum. These wells cost millions of dollars to drill in, but because oil is such a valuable resource for the industrial areas of the planet it is considered valuable. Most major industrial uses of petroleum are gasoline, jet fuel and heating oil, other uses include natural gas and for the generations of electricity.

Other than the major uses of petroleum, other products, like plastic, are used to make toys, computers, houses cars and clothing. The asphalt used in constructing roads is a petroleum product just like rubber for car tires. Wax comes from petroleum, so does fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, detergents, records, film, furniture, packaging, paints, fibers, upholstery and carpet foundations.

The uses of petroleum offer us a great source of fuel and lubrication. It is only when there is a shortage in the supply of petroleum does a society become aware of its importance and impact within the everyday industrial environment.

The top three oil manufacturers in the world are Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the United States. Close to 80% of the worlds available oil supply are located in the Middle East, with about 60% coming from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Millions of individuals around the globe are within the job field of the production or exploration of petroleum. These people find, produce, ship and refine oil for the world market.

Even though there are multiple alternatives that prove to be more cost effective and environmentally friendly forms of energy, petroleum is still the most dominant resource of energy production in almost every area of the world. Sources such as Hydrogen, ethanol, hybrid, and biomass technologies are assuring societies that within the near future our cars will increase in efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

However, a lot of these recent technological results have not yet been substantiated and have not given to the promise that these methods will profit the market system. The main reason as to why petroleum has remained attractive is because oil remains relatively low in cost in comparison to other alternative forms of energy with lower environmental hazards, like that of wind and solar power sources.

In conclusion, the payback and the uses of petroleum have given our industrial society many benefits: the quality of life, great prosperity and a form of income for the energy trading systems.

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