World Petroleum Congress

It is very apparent that one of the most important commodities in the world today is the petroleum products because this is extensively used practically in all the nations. In most countries petroleum becomes a backbone in its development because this is primarily used to drive its major industries and to produce the basic needs of its people. While the population growth is increasing at a higher rate the demand of the petroleum products is growing at an unprecedented pace as well. Hence, petroleum has been increasingly significant and is now being used as a political tool.

Petroleum is a type of energy which is not renewable; therefore, it is becoming scarce as the years go by. There is no other source of energy so far that will equal the amount of supply and the flexibility of the usage of the petroleum products.

Hence, the World Petroleum Congress was established to primarily uncover some innovative solutions for the development of new oil, gas and other alternative source of energy in order that the people of the world will have a steady supply of affordable energy in both short term and long term period. On the other hand consumers of petroleum products have also an active participation and will work in close cooperation to find ways of using the product more efficiently and more wisely.

The World Petroleum Congress is an organization of both the producing and the consuming nation and is held every 3 years. This organization is being organized by the World Petroleum Council who selects the country to host the World Petroleum Congress. This is done by a secret electronic ballot vote four years prior to the actual holding of the congress where each member country is given one vote to cast for their chosen country.

For example in 2007 during the World Petroleum Council meeting they selected a country to host the 20th World Petroleum Congress in Doha, Qatar in 2011. The theme of the congress is "ENERGY SOLUTION FOR ALL" Promoting Cooperation, Innovation and Investment. As Dr. Randall G. Gossen, President of the World Petroleum Council said that the measures taken were to promote this very idea of benefiting everyone.

It has been expected that holding of this congress especially at this time of crisis is very timely and many believe that it will be successful because of the all out support of the government of Qatar.

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