Assistant Subsea Engineer

There is a huge demand for subsea engineers and assistants. This is a job that is becoming more and more popular every year due to the different operations which need subsea engineers. Subsea engineers and assistant engineers must understand many different areas of knowledge, such as how subsea hardware, pipelines, riser systems, and other equipment relate to design philosophies, and how to establish a basis for subsea production system design. They must also have a working knowledge of the drilling of a well, and how to bring the entire system into production. Familiarity with specific hardware items is key. Those who want a job in this area must have college degrees in engineering, with backgrounds in subsea engineering. However, the financial rewards are worth the time it takes to get a degree. Subsea engineers make as much as $100,000 per year, and assistants can expect about half that, but with great opportunities to gain experience and advance in the field.

There are not only job in the United States, there are literally positions available all over the world, in Norway, Scotland, the Persian Gulf, India, Australia, and even in China. In the U.S., Texas is an area that is always offering jobs in the oil business, and there are many jobs available in companies that operate in the Gulf of Mexico.

The oil industry has never been more important internationally than it is now. Oil production is rising all over the world due to increasing demand in developing countries. In fact, China is now the second biggest oil consumer in the world because of their budding economy. These developing countries are going to continue to grow and they are not interested in the 'environmentally friendly' energy options such as wind power or solar power because those require large expenditures for new infrastructure. All the developing countries want oil because it is easy to import and still relatively cheap. This international demand for oil means that jobs in the oil industry are going to continue to be in demand.

Some of the jobs available in the field of subsea engineering are pipeline engineer, wellhead and xmas tree engineer, riser project engineer, subsea hardware engineer, and valve engineer.

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