Camp Boss

A camp boss, or caterer, is a very important position in any community within the oil industry. It is a well known adage that an army travels on its stomach, and surely, so do employees working on an oil field or an oil rig. Not only is it necessary for the employees to be well fed to do their jobs properly, but if there were a mishap in food preparation, the entire operation might have to be shut down due to illness.

Because there seems to be no end to the world's need for oil, the consumption of oil continues to rise year after year. Developing countries need oil to fuel there budding economies, and they are buying more and more oil every year. As a matter of fact, China is now the second leading consumer of oil in the world, after the United States.

The oil industry will continue to grow for many years to come, so a job within the oil business represents secure employment. A camp boss fulfills an integral cog in the gears of oil production. There are many jobs available for camp bosses in the U.S. and also overseas. Camp bosses earn between $30,000 and $65,000 per year, with the average salary level of $55, 000.

A camp boss bears a lot of responsibility for the efficient running of the kitchen, and must supervise the staff working for him. One of the most important responsibilities is to conduct hygiene audits in the camp, and being aware of date and storage methodologies in order to ensure camp health and sanitation standards are maintained. Other parts of their job description may include: scheduling, cost control, ordering supplies, and supervising staff in all activities including emergency training. Some camp bosses are also responsible for managing all incoming and outgoing mail for the camp residents.

Some of the many places that camp bosses can find jobs in the United States are: Texas, Louisiana, and Alaska. There are also many positions available around the world in such places as the Netherlands, Persian Gulf, Poland, Libya, Kuwait, Canada, Sudan, Norway and Scotland.

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Pulikkottil Mohny said:

I am working in the gulf for more than 120 years as SCamp Supervisor/Camp Boss and experience looking after all facilities (catering, accomodation, and all the day today activities in the Camp)I like to expose this vast experience to some reputed international firms and to develope my career far a better fortuune.

jerald said:

i am worked in dubai more than 16 years as camp manager if any need camp boss or camp manager please cale me 00919740761064 or mail me or please call me or mail me

Sureshkumar said:

i worked in middleast more 12 years in a different capacities- i.e. camp boss/personnel officer/senior timekepper/purchase asst.(F&B) etc. now looking for some reputed international firms for better future. my mail id is

Steve said:

I have been a chef for 12 years in very different enviroments and am looking for a new chanllenge. I AM CANADIAN.


29 years vast experienced Catering Manager seeks placement/contact -

Mark Scott said:

I am looking for work in a camp, or on an oil rig, 16 years in hospitalilty trade, no ties, can work anywhere in the world, presently based in Dubai, email said:

Over 30 years of managerial experience within the camp management, remote sites, hospitality, accommodations, food & beverage, retail and security environments. I’ve received five excellences in services awards from the US Government during Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Southern region of Iraq for Operation RIO and the PCO, GRD Oil Programs

Reginald said:

Over 30years experience in catering, offshore and camp management, looking for any offshore vacancies that are available, presently based in Eritrea on a mining camp. email:

Reginald said:

Over 30years experience in catering, offshore and camp management, looking for any offshore vacancies that are available, presently based in Eritrea on a mining camp. email:

Jonathan said:

I've been in the job in catering business in offshore for 14 years, and presently holding a position of Campboss/Administration Officer. If there's a job offering for thesame discipline, please email me at Thanks in advance.

shyju k s said:

im working in an american rig in qtar the last 2 years . im looking a better job as a room boy .i f any one have any vacancies in rig catering please mail me. id is

Ion Iulian said:

I worked in Libya for the last 2 years as camp boss/administrative officer for Rompetrol Company and I am searching for a new job because of the events from the last 2 months.If there is anyone interesed by my offert please call +40728662123 or e-mail me on you in advance.


Am working with a Singapore based offshore Construction company since 2 years as a CAMPBOSS, i would like to get my future into better prospectus, so am looking for another challenging , if there is any new opening please mail me into

Marin Costel said:

With an experience of 20 yrears as camp boss off shore and on shore,working in many african countryes I am looking for job with the same position but new challange. My mail:

Ryan Roberts said:

I have been in the food industry for 12 years. Was a hotel sous chef for 3 years. I started working in the Gulf of Mexico in 2003 in the offshore catering industry for the past 9 years as a campboss. I am looking for a more challenging position in Alaska if possible. I have catered to crews sizes between 300 to 100 ppl. I have good management, cooking, and baking skills. Email: Thank you

Adrian Petre said:

I have worked in Libya for 6 months in 2008 as Camp Boss/Camp Manager for Alebda CO and I am searching for a new job in Libya .If there is anyone interesed by my offert please call me at +40724229596 or e-mail me on I mention my immediate availability. Looking forward for answers from you Thank you!

Daniel Venter said:

I'm a CAMP MANAGER, remote sites, field camps with 8 years experience. Responsibilities included performing Facilities Management and Life Support Services as follows: Hard Facility Management: Camp construction, Power supply, Water supply, Logistical support, Fuel supply and distribution, Transportation, Vehicle fleet management, Security service, Site and manpower management, Mechanical & Electrical service (Operational and maintenance) and all support to the drillers. Soft Facility Management: Food services, Housekeeping, Laundry, Waste management, Potable and non-potable water, Pest control, Recreation and welfare. Other responsibilities: HS&E training, PPE issues, PPM’s, Leave planning, Procurement, Daily and weekly inspections and management reports. Worked in: Iraq, Afghanistan and Zambia. Don't smoke or drink.

Faiz Alam said:

I have more then 12 years experience with oil&Gas field as a Camp Boss and Complete more of HSE Courses.

Philip Reynado said:

As a Camp Supervisor/Boss in a Geothermal Drilling Company in Philippines,duties were performed or accomplished with the help of my 10 years experience in 5-star cruise ships. Willing to work anywhere in the world with comfortable Base-on/ Base-off Schedules.+63 9265824426.

suresh said:

I'm a CAMP MANAGER, remote sites, field camps with 10 years experience In hOSPitality Industry.8 Years in camp Management.Presently Working In URBACON Constructions Qatar as Camp Manager /

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