Radio Operator

Most people have viewed this as a hobby, as it is called Ham or Amateur Radio operator is an enjoyable and a very interesting to way to pass views to would be listeners, there so many ways to achieve as a Ham Operator, it may sound like a pure hobby but as you will latter learn it requires a bit of knowledge too, Its likely to find novice Ham operators using Morse Code from 15 and 40 meter bands, this purely an entry level, as you may already be aware every job needs skills and one needs mentor if he is to be at his best at that, this applies to Ham Radio too, it's a stepping stone to become an experienced Radio Operator. At start up you need to identify good radio to operate with, some would argue that tube radios have better quality audio, that's may hold true but to be on the secure one has to research for a good Radio.

In recent times Technology has worked best to radio operators because nowadays you don't need to have a Radio to get on air, due to commercialization of the internet, coupled with good Engineering on the part of Radio Operators you can get on air anytime you wish, One sure way of doing this is by using Echolink, you may know that this windows software can enable Radio operators to communicate all over the world, all that's needed is a good computer, sound card, speakers and a microphone. All information regarding to this is found at their Echolink website.

If you are interested in being a Radio Operator, its advised that you visit sites that will give you information on how to start, for example there is Hello Radio, you may want to visit these site, there is a well written non technical introduction.

Take time to read, all you need at this entry level is to get conversant with Morse Code or Continuous wave as most operator refer it to. You will then seat for an entry level exam. FCC has since abolished Morse Code testing as a requirement for entry level Amateur license, its now replaced by multiple choice test, The questions for this tests are taken from a pool of other questions, These questions and the correct answers to these question are readily available. The American Amateur Radio League AARL web site has the question pool available for free download.

Download these question and read them, if need be memorize the correct answers, before the test you can visit other sites to practice before taking the actual test.

When ready to take the test locate Ham Radio VE testing session in your area, check available open dates then book for it, you can also locate testing session by calling a local Amateur Radio club or by simple online search. When the time comes seat for it, if you fail, which you probably won't, just retake it, after about a week you will receive your own Unique Amateur Radio call sign from the FCC.

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Brent McDonald said:

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Ahmed Mahdi said:

Radio operator 28 years old, experience 3 years in oil fields

Ahmed Mahdi said:

Radio operator 28 years old, experience 3 years in oil fields

Elwy Galal Ibrahim said:

Dear Sir / Madam I Am 28 years old My Experience 6 years in oil field,It gives me a great pleasure to submit my application for the job vacancy that your organization has made available For you information, I am with Weatherford Drilling International as Radio Operator. Due to my interest and experience in the field of communications, I believed my qualification and experience meets the requirement for the position, I'm confidant that I can perform the job effectively. It is my intention to joint an organization with excellent reputation and growth opportunities. I worked closely with the Engineering team and the training period has helped developed my communication skills and also to work effectively in team. I would very much like the opportunity to contribute positively towards your organizations success. I look forward to the possibility of a personal interview at your convenience. Thank you for your attention. Yours Sincerely, Elwy Galal

lister cheam said:

Dear Sir / Mdm. I am 27 years old from Miri, Sarawak,Malaysia with 7 years experiences in oil field. Im freeland Radio Operator / project admin / barge admin . Current employer is Kito Enterprise based in Dubai, UAE. Im working independant interested workin with your good company and able to work any place you post me in.I hope receive good news from your good company soon. Please dont hesitate to call me at my mobile +6012 852 4988 or email to my personal email adress :



Alexandru Petrisor said:

Radio officer at SAR Constanta Romania Black Sea, 48 years old, 27 years experience as radio officer seeking for employment, best regards email


I'm a 31 year old looking to start a career as a radio operator, just got my GMDSS and Anatel certificate, which allows me to work here in Brazil, and Bahamas, Marshall Island, Panama, Vanuatu and Liberia. But i'm willing to move out of the country also. I speak portuguese and some spanish also. My e-mail address is

Luke Belulok Kebing said:

Radio operator 25 years old, experience 3 years in oil fields. Email

Johnny Hetharia said:

I"m working as Radio operator in offshore for at least 27 years and hold valid GMDSS ican speak english and dutch,my email address is seeking for any vacancy as radio oerator at any country

Winefredo Sua said:

I am an experienced Rig Administrator/Radio Operator and willing to work for a an offshore company in the middle east or where available. Email adds:

Glenn Graham said:

Experienced Commercial Radio Operator ; Valid holder of Canadian RORC/ROGC General Class Certificate. Worked HF SSB / VHF / Familiar with all modes of operation including CW at 25 Wpm. Technical; Radio Calibration / Antenna Systems Design and Tuning Procedures. Available to work anywhere in Canada or the Middle East. Full Health Certificate - Full Physical OK : 22 Years Experience Email

rolito said:

i need a job as radio operator, 13 years experience at sea, im 48 years old my email add

Eduard Zalle said:

28 years experienced radio officer in the oilfield looking for o job as above. Kind regards. E-mail contact:

nageswara rao said:

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Amar chand Sharma said:

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Tom said:

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Sami said:

I'm 45 yrs radio officer, 10 yrs expirience as a chief radio off cruise ocean going ships, gmdss goc certificate, sar, sas, firts aid, firefighting, fluen english, french, italian, excellent computer skills, looking for any kind of job, anywhere..

Ben said:

55 year first class ticket Radio Officer with a Telecommunication Engineers ticket. Life expercience from radio communications. Skilled in computers and softwares. Fluent English. Some German, Norwegian, Danish. Well organised personallity. High humanity moral values. Please email to Thank you.


I'm 29 years old Radio Operator with 8 years progressive working experience with the Kenya Army.i handle HF,VHF,Fax,Codan and handheld radios.excellent in computer operations.fluent in English both written and spoken.holds a Operator Signaler Certificate,Valid International Driving License and Certificate of Good Conduct.i would be free to work anywhere in the you.

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